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Website Management & Optimization Services

Website management and optimization services is important for all businesses. When you’re running a business, you don’t want to spend your day obsessing over whether or not your website is doing its job. With the help of a website manager, you can stop worrying about the website and focus on what really matters to your business. This is thanks to the technical expertise and optimizing efforts of our team.

What are the duties of a website manager?

To put it simply, website management is all about ensuring that your website meets the primary goals for which you made it in the first place. As such, the duties of a website manager can be specific to the needs of the client and the website. Aside from providing technical assistance to ensure it’s running, we can help your site meet various objectives.
For instance, this can include backing up website data, providing content updates, and updating any software or plugins your site uses. It can also include website optimization services, such as SEO website efforts to make sure that your site has the search ranking it should on all of the top search engines.

Why is technical SEO Important In Website Management?

Aside from ensuring the website’s health, a website manager’s duty might include ensuring the site is working effectively as a lead generation and conversion tool. To that end, optimizing it via technical SEO can be a vital part of our strategy. Technical SEO is the multi-step discipline of making sure the technical side of the site is organized and implemented in a way that can increase the website’s ranking in search engines.
There is a wide variety of different ways we can optimize the technical side of the website, such as making it faster and easier for search engine bots to crawl and index. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

Auditing your site

There are a host of SEO auditing software packages, such as Screaming Frog, Search Console, Google Analytics, and GTmetrix, that can allow a user to find the aspects of the site that are not working from an SEO standpoint. We use these tools to perform a technical SEO audit to make sure that any red flags are spotted and addressed until the SEO audit no longer brings up any problems.

Checking for Manual Penalties

While SEO audit software can easily pick up the automatic penalties that search engines will hand out, there are also human reviews at search engines like Google that will flag sites determined to not comply with their guidelines. We check the Search Console to ensure there are no Manual penalties and make the necessary changes to make sure nothing is dragging your site’s search results down.

Fixing the Page Speed

One problem that prevents pages from reaching the ranking they should have is having a slow-loading website. Using Google Page Speed Insights, we can ensure that the website is loading quickly, and if it’s not, we will find the reason it’s being slowed down and offer solutions.

Setting Canonical Tags

Setting Canonical tags to ensure all pages and content are formatted appropriately allows searching engine bots to crawl better and index the entirety of the site.

Checking for broken content.

Missing and broken content can lead to SEO penalties. Our duties include finding 404 pages, broken assets such as images, and broken links and offering solutions for each of them.

Fixing meta information

If the site is not using ALT tags, these will be added. Duplicate meta information will be found and replaced, while we will improve meta information to help with rankings.

Reviewing WordPress plugins

Review WordPress for plugins that need to be updated and that the dashboard has all the plugins that will help the site compete online.

Reviewing Contact Forms

Review contact forms to make sure they are working and there is a database set up to log and monitor entries for further market research and service evaluation.

Website Management and Technical SEO

The above solutions are just some of the ways that we can help improve the technical SEO of your website. To improve your website ranking, we also offer a different suite of search engine optimization services that can include things like content creation and optimization of all written content on the site. Visit our SEO services page to learn more about how we can help your site rank.

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