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Google Ads Management Services

Confused about Google ads? At Surf Marketing, we are committed to delivering exceptional Google Ads management services in Toronto so you don’t have to worry about wasting your marketing budget on unnecessary clicks. We take the stress out of Google Ads so you can have fun marketing online!

Our Google Ads Management Services in Toronto

Paid search marketing activities, predominantly known as Google ads, are a crucial element of digital brand visibility and customer acquisition. There are over 2 million Google AdWords accounts. So, businesses need to find professional Google Ads management to make sure their paid search marketing strategies can stand out from the competition.


Our Google Ads Agency in Toronto

At Surf Marketing, we have made it our mission to focus on sustainable, long-term success for our Google ads management services. Clients of our Google Ads agency benefit from our experience developing effective Google Ads strategies for local businesses in Toronto. What sets our services apart is our commitment to developing a unique strategy that works for you.

We approach our business relationship as a long-term partnership. Our clients stay with us for years, building lasting success with our Google ads management specialist. We are Google Ads Certified, so you can be assured that we know and understand the constantly evolving patterns, services, and algorithms of Google AdWords.

Why advertising on Google is important

We know that digital paid marketing strategies can be stressful when trying to determine a budget for PPC monthly ad spend. However, you control how much you can afford to spend with Google Ads Management and our specialist will work with you to determine how to create a marketing strategy that fits your budget. We will help you decide the breadth and reach of the campaign, maximizing your ROI. As a result, running brand awareness PPC or local services ads doesn’t need to add additional pressure on your marketing budget. Google ads are accessible to businesses of all sizes.

How SEO and Google Ads can work together?

If you already have an SEO service package (or if you are considering one), our Google ads management services can enhance your SEO efforts and improve results. Indeed, by combining both SEO and paid ads, you can triple your company’s visibility on the first page of Google. The brand will then appear in 3 different locations:

  • In the organic search as part of your SEO marketing services
  • In the paid section for search ads (due to ad positioning, you
    could even have multiple paid ads appear simultaneously)
  • In the local listings for local users (typically mobile users)

Google ads management services package

We appreciate that there is a whole range of paid activities available via Google Ads. That’s why we work with you to figure out what is more relevant for your business. We offer a free internet marketing consultation, to review your digital marketing goals and budget.


Google Search Ads

Search ads are typically ranked above organic results, on the side, and also at the bottom of the SERP. They are keyword-triggered, but Google can also include additional factors, such as user location or demographics, depending on the type of ads you select.

Ads compete in a bid-based auction that compares ad quality, keyword relevancy, and add extensions to determine the Ad Rank. By optimizing your website and ads you can increase your quality score and reduce how much you spend at auction.

Google Display Ads

Unlike Search Ads, Display Ads are image-based. They appear on different platforms that are part of the Display Network. Display Ads appear based on specific targeting parameters, including audience demographic and remarketing to users. It’s worth mentioning that the Display Network can reach over 90% of online users.

Responsive Google Ads

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads adjust automatically to the size, format, and appearance of the different advertising spaces available on the Google Display network. Responsive ads can save advertisers a lot of hassle, as there’s no need to create multiple size and format versions of the same image or video.


Call-only ads

Specifically designed to encourage phone calls to your business, Call-only ads use the call extensions feature to display your phone number. These only appear for mobile users, so people can click to call your business. They require adequate settings to ensure nobody calls outside of your business hours.


Local services ads

With local services, we guarantee you can advertise your business to the customers in your local area. These match business information with the user’s location, typically encouraging people to call or book a service.



Remarketing uses already identified audience groups, typically visitors of your website or app. The ads can appear as Search Ads, Display Ads, or even Video Remarketing on YouTube.

pay per click advertising


PPC is often used to described search ads. In reality, it means the advertiser pay for each click. The cost is defined by your ad score. Google AdWords, however, offer different bidding strategies that can affect the cost per click. Advertisers can also pay per view (on Video ads) and pay per impression (Display Network).


Other Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads Management also includes Google Shopping campaigns for E-commerce businesses, Video campaigns (videos advertising on YouTube), and mobile app advertising.

Why you need a google ads management services

With Surf Marketing, you can rest assured that your Google ads will reach the right audience. We design cost-effective campaigns that save our customers both time and money! Our strategic focus includes negative keywords inclusion, local targeting, demographics inclusion, or exclusion to ensure the paid ads are showing to the right target audience at the right time.

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