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Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is, effectively, the act of taking your business’s online reputation in your own hands. It can include responding to reviews that have been left online, taking steps to remove those that have proven fraudulent or untrue, working to have positive reviews left by happy customers, and optimizing your online presence so that your business is presented in the best possible light online.

What is online review management?

Your reputation matters a lot. When it comes to maintaining customer loyalty, winning new converts, and creating the kind of professional brand that you want, then your reputation might be one of the most important assets that your business has.

However, there are a lot of threats to your reputation out there. From customers with grievances (legitimate or not), to competitors and disgruntled ex-employees, what people are saying about your business can affect it. This is where online review management, also known as reputation management, can step in to help.

What does online reputation management include?

Surf Marketing makes use of review management software from BrightLocal to monitor reviews to see where intervention might be necessary. Not every negative review will require intervention, but even responding to state your perspective of why the experience for the customer may have gone south, will tell future customers that you don’t ignore customer complaints. Mitigating a bad customer review can do very well for your business’s image and build trust for future customers. We can easily see your company’s star ratings by source and star rating. It may surprise you to see a certain platform like Facebook, or Yelp is gaining more positive reviews from your clients. We can teach you how to leverage these reviews to further promote your business!

Online review management

Manually Check Online Reviews

We also manually check the company’s online presence in a host of third-party review sites to see where we can focus our efforts. This includes checking specific review sites that are related to your business’s niche. We check more than just the most obvious review sites, we look for those that your customers, in particular, are most likely to check before making their decision to contact you, or not.

Getting Customer Reviews

Aside from managing reviews already up on various websites, we also help you get positive reviews for your business from you happy customers. Creating a review generating strategy that asks your customers to post positive reviews makes sure your company is continually gaining positive feedback, reviews are not old, and your business is fairly represented online.

Promoting Your Positive Reviews

Reputation management also takes place on your websites, such as by finding and showcasing positive reviews and testimonials on both your website and in Google Search Ads with the help of Schema and Review Plugins.

Online Reputation Management Services

Other steps that we can take to provide online reputation management services will include:

  • Finding relevant business directories and other web properties that your site should be featured on, and making sure that it is covered there.
  • Providing tips on how to make sure you’re not neglecting your social media account so that people are more engaged with your brand in a positive manner.
  • Blogging and creating SEO-driven written content so that more positive content is more likely to appear when customers search for your business.
  • Respond to customer reviews with understanding and an effort to make a positive mark on the conversation. This may mean the occasional apology and, more importantly, avoiding any arguments that threaten to pop up.

How do you get reviews for your business?

A big part of any online review management service is making sure that there are positive reviews to accurately reflect the positive experiences that your customers are having. This can help balance out any negative reviews that may be left online. It’s important to work actively to do this since more people will be incentivized to leave a negative review than a positive one, which can skew your business’s reception online, making it not a true representation of your customer’s experiences. Here are a few ways to get reviews for your business:

Go ahead and ask

You might be surprised to find that several of your customers and clients would be glad to leave a review, be it for your website or on Google if only you would ask them. If someone seems very pleased with your services, don’t be afraid to send them an email or ask them if they would be willing to leave their feedback.

Share a link with your customers

You are likely to get more reviews from your customers if you make it easier for them to leave a review in the first place. You can use your Google My Business account (if you have one) to create a Google review link. This will lead customers directly to the review page, all you have to do is give them the link.

Use email campaigns

Email campaigns are some of the most effective tools for gathering feedback for your business. At Surf Marketing, we can set up email marketing campaigns, targeting specific types of customers (be they new, long-term, loyal, or even unhappy) with personalized emails designed to show that you’re looking to listen and get feedback. Not only can you use these emails to get positive reviews, but it can also help you connect directly with dissatisfied customers for feedback so they might feel less inclined to vent publicly about their experience.

Reputation Management Company

With the help of Surf Marketing, you can change your reputation online. We offer reputation management in our SEO services packages. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your online reputation.

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