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Thinking about email marketing services? Did you know a great focus on routine professional email campaigns can generate $38 for every $1 spent. Not only this, but 59% of survey responders agree that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions.

Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the most versatile and dependable tools of the modern marketer is that of the humble, deceptively simple email. Not only has it been used to gently engage with and update clients on the latest news, but it can be used to bring clients in, helps campaigns grow, and most importantly, keeps brands persistent without causing irritation. Yet it can seem that in the age of social media and hyper-online connectivity, the email is a rudimentary tool best moved on from. Thankfully, this impression carries no substance to it, as email marketing is among one of the most essential tools brands can leverage for promoting their presence and converting leads into actionable results.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing is a practice used to connect with your audience via delivering well-crafted messages and images to your customer’s inbox. They can be used to generate interest in promotional campaigns, to disseminate exclusive time-honored sales, or to simply send essential brand messages to those who may be interested. This form of marketing generally works on the essential knowledge that a customer has opted-in to receive this form of communication. That may have started via a subscription to an email newsletter after a purchase on your website, or perhaps owning an account with your brand.

Email Marketing Strategy: Automated Or Proactive

Emails can be both automated and proactive. For instance, you may send out emails that are scheduled to help a new online account user enjoy a better experience when browsing your website, perhaps being sent at 6.00 pm every day so as to remain informative but not spammy. At their best, branded emails can be used to keep your customers’ in the loop, so that they never feel separate from the life of your firm and come to regard it as the natural choice. You may inform them of store closures, recent blog posts, holiday time off, large events year-round, or perhaps celebratory news worth sharing. Proactive emails can be used to generate leads. Let’s discuss how that functions below:

What are the types of email marketing?

Email marketing can be utilized to help leverage customer interests and make them aware of what you’re promoting right now. They can also be used to add value to a customer’s experience with your brand, or potentially help you gather actionable data you can use to understand your customer’s wants and needs. For instance, review generation serves as a great example. You may ask recently active customers to review a product or service of yours they have made use of. This way, you gently remind them to give their feedback which you can use to enhance engagement and plan your route forward. Newsletters can also be a fantastic method of keeping customers up to date without spamming their inbox in an unexpected fashion. This digest may help them remain informed from day to day – think of them as substantive, targeted digital flyers. Newsletters can also be personalized, such as showcasing discounts in certain areas of your online store a customer is most likely to browse. Using apps like Salesforce’s Journey Builder, you can continually adjust customer’s paths based on their analyzed behavior. This way, you can understand your customers using comprehensive data and enhance lead generation through and through. This is just one of the tools empowering email marketers to thrive. With 4.3billion daily email users expected for 2023, this market is fertile ground for sound promotional strategies to make use of.

How do you develop an email marketing strategy?

First, it’s important to know your clients. How do you stay connected with them, and how can you generate excitement, a sense of immediacy, and usefulness? This may differ depending on the industry you’re in. Next, add some value to your marketing strategy. Perhaps giving your customer’s the chance to share their opinion or make use of one-time exclusive promotional codes in your store could be a great idea. It will also increase the likelihood that your emails will be opened and read. Use imperative, exciting language, with catchy subject lines that make use of brevity. Content creation with good copywriting skills can go a long way. With some visual flair, your email is more likely to be read, and so properly formatted graphics can also help.

Email Marketing Goals

Ultimately, however, you need a goal. Do you wish to email your customers each day of your summer sale to keep them aware? Perhaps you hope to bring awareness to a new product you have coming out, and so wish to email every other day generating hype and signups for first access to your order forms. From there, you can measure results, and compare this campaign to those that have come before. Each effort should provide a learning experience worth informing your next strategy.

Take The Plunge Into Email Marketing

With 73% of millennials preferring communications from businesses to come via email, the opportunity has never been greater. With this advice, we hope you can feel empowered towards enacting those marketing solutions. Do you need help with your email marketing strategy and deployment? Give us a call at 416-668-7997 or send us an email.

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